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This is your day.

You’re super excited about a new productive day! This is why you check what you have to do from your email, messages, the project management tool of your client, your project management tool, your calendar and yes, probably also your beloved notebook. Now that you should have a sort kind of idea about what you have to do, you’re finally ready to start! But hold on, where’s the file you have to work on? Sure, your client has sent it to you by email! No, it isn’t there. Maybe a Whatsapp? Still nothing. Oh yes! It was a transfer link sent with an SMS and... the link has expired. Well, don’t worry, you have just to ask again the link for the third time and hopefully this time you don’t forget to download it.

Meanwhile, while you were too busy to check dozen of tools, you forgot your appointment with your client at 1 pm. A half an hour later he calls you: he’s angry and asks you for some clarifications. He asks also why the changes you’ve agreed to do for the last week aren’t still complete. Suddenly you realize that you wrote them in the notes app of your smartphone, but you forgot to check it.

It’s finally evening. You’re exhausted and feel like you’re working too much, so you want to understand which of your clients are taking that much time. You start to populate a spreadsheet table, trying to figure out more or less how much time you spent for each client, summing all your appointments and trying to estimate the time you’ve spent to do all your tasks, but you’re not realizing that this activity is taking away more time than the actual work for the client does. Wonderful, now It’s time to go to sleep and be ready for a new productive, unproductive day!

This is your new day with FlashBeing.

Ready for a new day? The dashboard is the place where you start: your tasks, appointments and worktime analytics are all in one place, helping your mind to focus just on what’s next. Why is everything already there? Because with FlashBeing people don’t text you, they directly set you the things you have to do. Everybody is on the same platform: you, the other freelancers you work with, and your clients, even if they don’t have FlashBeing. The secret sauce? Deep email integration. You can add people by email, and everything you do is notified by email; then, they can interact with you on FlashBeing just by replying to your messages.

You start from your projects...

Your work is organized in projects, this is why you do the same on FlashBeing. Every project features all the tools you need to plan it, collaborate with others and track progress: conversations, tasks assignment, appointments, time tracking analytics and a full archive to upload, organize and share files, are all in one place. Take the link of a project and share it with other people, such as your clients, giving them a professional, organized portal to manage your work together. Finally, you will see in your dashboard only the activities you have to do, grouped together from all your projects.

... and merge them into organizations.

As your business grows, you are able to merge all your projects into an organization and monitor all activities and analytics grouped together into a single window. This allows you to immediately identify which are your primary projects, how much the people who are working on are contributing, which are the most expensive clients and much more.

News, contacts management, notes, messaging and search.

Personal organization is much more than appointments and tasks; it’s your whole daily process of working. This is why we packed into FlashBeing an extremely powerful news aggregator, a full contacts manager integrated with your address book, your personal notebook which supports also pictures and videos, and an advanced search engine to find all your content with a single search. Say goodbye to clutters, all the work tools you use daily are now in one place, and they’re extremely interconnected.

Be flash in your work.
Be human in your private life.

To be more efficient and save time, we should be able to do things faster and we need fast tools to achieve this. This is why FlashBeing has been built with a proprietary software architecture, which takes advantage of the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to predict your behavior, preload the data and bring the whole user experience up to the real-time level. In FlashBeing you don’t wait, it’s all ready when you need it, on all your devices.

Don’t worry, it continues
from where you left.

If you already use other tools, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox and many others, don’t worry, you’ll be able to integrate your data and keep them synchronized, so your colleagues will be able to continue to use whatever they want, while you’re free to join the next generation of workers on FlashBeing.

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