The Manifesto of the Next Generation of Workers.


Next generation workers do no more go to the office; they’re free, work everywhere and at any time, increasing productivity, reducing stress and helping the nature by decreasing the number of rides. We, as next gen workers, are on a mission to change the way people work, and this is our manifesto.

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First plan, then execute.
Apply batch work: plan at the beginning and save yourself hours during the execution.
Define how the outcome should look like.
Don’t waste time working on useless stuff; don’t make mistakes because of the poor design of the project.
Assign and do, don’t ask what to do.
Don’t text assignments. Execute the tasks assigned to you; assign tasks to others. Focus on what needs to be done, not on formalisms.
Going straight to the point does not mean being rude.
Work everywhere, at any time.
Are you more productive and focused in your quiet room or on a running train? Maybe you work the best early in the morning or late at night.
Don’t be bound to space and time! Only results matter.
Balance work and personal life.
Schedule time for work and time for your personal life. Be conscious about the time you invest in your business and follow the plan.
Be respectful to yourself, to your family and to your friends.
Go digital. Avoid paper. Help the nature.
An average firm processes more than 10k papers per year; which equals over 20 reams; which equals a small tree.
On average, people spend 31 entire days - 255 hours of work - per year traveling to work, producing 135 kg CO2 per person.
Take advantage of technology to save the planet and your future self.
Be focused. Avoid clutters.
Do you need all those papers on your desk?
Do you need all those different and distracting apps?
Do you need dozens of tools that do exactly the same thing?
Define a clear workflow and keep your work environment and your mind clear of distractions.
Measure and optimize your productivity every day.
Humans are bad at making predictions. Humans are bad at guessing how much time they spend on something. Use a time-tracking tool and compare the results with the plan you made at the beginning of the project.
Improve constantly.
Only results matter.
Be honest and resposible of your work.

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